Ice Cream

Looking out of our office window at home, I see grey skies looming with the ever present threat of rain and the wind whipping against the trees causing them to bow and bend. I’m deliberating whether to wear a hat and scarf when I go out later. After all, it is August.

In a bid to shake off the summer blues (if only there were some to shake off!), I have decided to pretend that we are basking in glorious sunshine, not by wearing shorts or summer dresses I may add. I’m someone who is still having to wear bed socks to thaw the blocks of ice I call my feet. I’m talking about making the ultimate summer food, ice cream.

As I am still continuing my weekly begging session with the scales, along the lines of “please don’t shout at me to get off, please be kind, please be kind, please be kind”, the sheer calorie laden decadence of this ice cream is not for the feint hearted, or those of us who put on a couple of pounds just by saying the word ‘chocolate’, let alone actually consuming it. It doesn’t however stop me from having a spoonful of the creamy delight, just to make sure it’s suitable for the family of course!

Basic Ice Cream

300ml Double Cream
397g tin of Caramel OR condensed milk (I used Carnation)
Your choice of added extras.

Whisk the cream until soft peaks form, mix in the caramel. Add one or two of your extras; such as broken pieces of chocolate, honeycomb or Werther’s Original, small pieces of fudge, crushed biscuits, popping candy, ….the list is endless, let your imagination go wild.

Spoon the mixture into a plastic tub or loaf tin and freeze for one hour. Take out and mix then freeze overnight. Remove from the freezer 10-15 minutes before serving for a soft scoop ice cream. Enjoy!



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